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We are Builders.

Creativity Built is a subscription-based platform that allows photographers and creative entrepreneurs worldwide to show up with one another, scale their businesses, and impact change.

Why you need to get in, like now!

When you join the Creativity Built collective, you will finally have the resources you need, all in one place, friends in the industry, and you will learn what it really means and what it really takes to be a creative entrepreneur.

Your membership includes a lot.

Weekly, open forum calls with your fellow Builders.

Monthly, virtual workshops.

A new guest speaker for a special event every month.

Access to this incredible, private online platform.

Access to the weekly recap emails/resources from all the sessions.

Tools and template to help you grow your business

New challenges to sharpen your skills.

Networking opportunities.

Job referrals.

Mentorship opportunities.

Access to exclusive discounts from brand partners.

And so much more.

This is the one community that is making an actual difference in the businesses of photographers all over the world.

These weekly meetups and conversations have provided a safe space for me to have open conversations with other like minded business driven entrepreneurs. We're all majority photographers, but lean on community over competition. I’ve learned a lot, and applied many ideas from our conversation including topics like licensing, client management, pricing, etc., to my business. I look forward to each meeting and don’t think I would have thrived through quarantine without this safe space. I would highly, and beyond recommend this group! 
- Wini Lao / NYC

Why hasn't this existed before?

Great question! And I've got the answer. 

Hi, I'm Marika Adamopoulos, and I'm a Builder, just like you. I run a global photography business, and have always had a deep desire to not let the industry run me, but rather to be the one setting standards in my field.

Back in March 2020, a fellow photographer friend and I were sitting on a bench outside a coffee shop in LA, sharing business ideas, pitching strategies, our success and our failures, what was inspiring us, what was weighing us down, and how we were dreaming big. During that conversation, we had an “aha moment”, where we saw a gap in our industry: Creative professionals, and at the time we were thinking specifically photographers, do not have transparent conversations with one another. Photographers have historically been very guarded about their strategies, their tactics, and success, and this has resulted in a cutthroat, competitive industry, when quite honestly, it doesn’t need to be.

My friend and I were inspired to invite fellow photographers to join us on a weekly call to break down the walls and grow as a community. 

What started out as a weekly Google Hangout has now evolved into the one thing producing results for me and my fellow creators every single week. Photographers are learning life changing techniques, gaining valuable industry insight, and going out and changing the world.


A Big Thanks

A big thank you to the original Builders, the members of The Tuesday Creative, who have inspired the growth of this community into what it is today. Without you, showing up for one another every single week, we wouldn't be here now. 


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